Steve Oliver Concert Dates 2017

The thing about jazz instrumentalists, is that unless you are in tune with the artist’s sound or tone, you may not know who is playing when their song comes on.  You do not have that problem with Steve Oliver.  He has a distinctive guitar sound, and you will know a Steve Oliver song when you hear it.

Steve Oliver Concert Dates 2017So when did I first hear of Mr. Oliver?  I heard this song called High Noon on the radio.  That is off the Positive Energy album from 2002.  This actually coincided with the start of the Smooth Jazz Mix series.  For the first mix project, I wanted tracks that were uptempo, but not too fast.  High Noon was exactly the type of song that I wanted, so I actually built the first mix around that track.

Not too long after that, I heard another track called Chips and Salsa.  That track is off the 3D album from 2004.  There were two things that immediately caught my attention.  The guitar tone that I mentioned earlier, and also the scat singing along with the melody.  I’ll tell you what,  if I was a guitarist, I would scat along with pretty much all of my songs.  For me, scatting just hypes the song a little more.

Anyway, after hearing Chips and Salsa, I had to hear more from this artist.  The 3D album is full of great tracks.  Magic World, You Rescued Me, and my favorite – In The Shade Of Cool.

After hearing that album, I officially became a fan.  By the way, the Radiant album is pretty hot also.  Be sure to check out Feeling Good, Cool, and Bend Or Break.  I am sure you will like those tracks.  

Oliver has nine albums, plus the Live album from 2008, and the Snowfall Holiday album from 2006.  They are all good as far as I am concerned.

Oliver will perform on select dates through October, and I am sure more dates will be added to the schedule.  

Here is what we have so far:

Steve Oliver Concert Dates 2017

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Top Jazz Tracks Week of May 21


Paul Brown

Top Jazz Tracks Week of May 21

Paul Brown continues at the top spot this week with Hush.  This is the second week at number one.  If you are in Portugal in September, you may want to check out Paul Brown.  He will be a part of the Portugal Jazz Fest.

Jeff Lorber Fusion is back in the top ten this week with Hyperdrive.


  Song Artist Album Listen! Buy Now!
1 Hush Paul Brown Paul Brown
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2 Hey Girl Brian Culbertson Brian Culbertson Funk
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3 Midnight Drive Michael Lington Michael Lington Second Nature
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4 Where Do You Want To Go Lindsey Webster Lindsey Webster Back To Your Heart
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5 Boom Boom Gerald Albright
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6 Why Not Marc Antoine Featuring Philippe Saisse
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7 Shuffle The Deck John Novello Featuring Tom Scott John Novello
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8 Bona Fide Julian Vaughn Julian Vaughn
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9 We Don’t Talk Anymore Rick Braun Featuring Peter White Rick Braun Around The Horn
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10 Hyperdrive Jeff Lorber Fusion Jeff Lorber Fusion Prototype
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Moonchild New Album Voyager

Moonchild New Album VoyagerMoonchild will release their new album, Voyager, on May 26th.  This will be the third album release from the trio.  Be Free was released in 2012, and Please Rewind came out in 2015.  The Los Angeles based band has been gaining in popularity over the past two years.

I originally came across Moonchild while I was conducting research for the Summer Spirit Festival.  I ended up listening to All The Joy, and I immediately wanted to hear more.  You know, it is funny.  If you are learning about an artist for the first time, the first track you listen to is extremely important.  If you happen to hear a lesser track, you may move on to the next thing.

Check out All The Joy:

You like?  That’s what I thought!  The band describes it’s sound as a mixture of soul and new-school jazz.  I am not going to argue with that, as I am digging the smoothed-out sound.  Amber Navran has a distinct, airy vocal style, and it blends perfectly with the instrumentation.  All three band members, Navran, Max Bryk, and Andris Mattson, are multi-instrumentalists, and we are looking for some great things from the Moonchild New Album Voyager.

Here is the first single from the new album.  This one is called Cure:

Here is the track listing for Voyager:

  • Voyager (Intro)
  • Cure
  • 6am
  • Every Part (For Linda)
  • Hideaway
  • The List
  • Doors Closing
  • Run Away
  • Think Back
  • Now And Then
  • Change Your Mind
  • Show The Way
  • Let You Go

Moonchild New Album Voyager will be available on CD, Vinyl, and Digital.


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